Release Action

Release of ball – Pace Bowling

In earlier lessons, we have discussed how the ball is gripped for the in swinger and the out swinger. We have also discussed the basic bowling action. But all this will be of no use if you do not learn how to release the ball correctly. You will do well to remember that in the release, the basic technique of the release combines with your own mind and body awareness to give the perfect result.

For a moment, imagine that you are going to bowl an out swinger. You grip the ball correctly. Your run up is relaxed and you accelerate at the right moment. The rhythm is perfect and you hop, go side on, the left arm goes high and then rapidly tucks into the left side, your right arm follows. At this moment, if you do not release the ball correctly or your wrist action is not good enough, all the pains taken for the build up is brought to naught. Hence, during practice, it is absolutely necessary that you focus consciously and work hard on the point of release.

Correct release for swing and seam:

The ball that is gripped (for out swing or in swing) between the thumb and fingers is brought up to maximum speed at any angle. At the instant of release, the thumb comes off the ball first and then the fingers that rest on the seam or beside it, finally pushing the ball by giving it a back spin, keeping the seam vertical as the fingers come of the seam. The wrist, which was cocked back before releasing the ball, is snapped forward and down in the follow through as shown in the picture.


For swing and seam, keep your fingers behind and on the correct side of the ball at the moment of release. Keep in mind, when learning the correct way to release the ball your focus should be on how it feels when the ball leaves your hand and with regular practice it will become automatic.