To Concentrate


All cricketers who have a burning desire to reach their potential and achieve their goals need to maintain awareness of all the changing situations before and during a match. Concentration will help him to focus his mind on relevant situations and not be overly affected by extraneous factors. The following are the advantages of such focussing –

  • Concentration will allow you to focus on a factor or factors that are relevant and need your attention to react instantly to accomplish your goal.
  • You are of course, required to concentrate on accomplishing the team’s goal, as failure to do that would be a big let down to your teammates.
  • Concentration practice will teach you to focus your attention on where it is required and why it needs to be there.
  • It will help you to break away from bad habits that hinder your performance.
  • It will also assist you in managing distraction or worries that are beyond your control.

Eventually, it will bring in the discipline that is required to reach peak performance. The discipline to focus your mind on things that are in your control.