Resign to protect the game, Sir!

MOST cricket administrators of the past were humble and had great regard for former cricketers, unlike today.
Few have become too powerful and that power has gone to their heads thus breeding ultimate arrogance to push the noble game of cricket into quick sand. Now is the time for good administrators alongwith former Test cricketers to raise their hands and rescue the game.
The image of the game has taken a big hit and I am sure every cricketer, competent administrators and many unsung grass root workers will get it back on track soon. The ‘Three Idiots’ who opened up the IPL scam may turn out to be the heroes by the time this episode ends. Their stupid, greedy acts helped in unfolding a new twist in the story which exposed one by one, the main characters who displayed in full measure their greed for money and power.
Mr Srinivasan, the president of BCCI and an able administrator, in trying to protect his son-in-law seems to see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil. He continues to hold fort and seems to be waiting for back end bargains to protect the interest of Chennai Super Kings.
Mr Srinivasan’s snubbing of media did not go down too well and they trained the guns on politicians who are members of BCCI, questioning them and generating enough heat that would burn their reputation in the election year. The media has forcing them to take a stand.
Mr. Srinivasan, it’s a humble request from a former Test cricketer who has high regards for your administrative skills. Sir, in the interest of the game, please step down from your post till all is well and come back with your head high.