Under Arm Throwing

Fundamentals of throwing

In the popular one-day limited overs cricket, where fielders can pick up the ball within the 30-yard circle and throw in accurately, underarm are the ones who make the difference between a winning side and a losing one. Besides if specialist batsman or bowler can develop into a good mid-fielder, you will be one-up on your competitors at any level of the game.

Underarm Throwing

Why is it needed?

From a distance of 10-12 yards:

You got to throw in underarm from within a distance of 10-12 yards from either wickets because it is quicker and safer. Throwing overarm takes more time from similar distance and even a fraction of a second saved by throwing underarm can result in a run out.

To bend your knees:

Bent knees would cut down time and avoid injuries. Remember that it is easier to go up for a bad bounce of the ball than going down while fielding. Moreover, this position puts less strain on the back and hamstrings. Hence, keeping low body position helps.

Right and right:

Fielding the ball outside the line of the front foot [right foot for the right hander] frees the throwing arm [right arm for right hander] for a quicker release of the ball.

Keep eyes on the ball:

Watching the ball all along the way and into your hands is very important. If you take your eyes off the ball, even for a split second, to see where the batsman is or to see the wickets, you are bound to misfield the ball. You must have seen this happening very often even at the highest level.

To have soft hands:

You got to recieve the ball with soft hands, as that wouldn’t allow the ball to bounce out of your hand. Hard hands or grabbing at the ball occurs due to high anxiety, pressure, and fear of injury or doubts in the mind. So stay relaxed all the time and enjoy your fielding.

Flick of the wrist:

When using flick of the wrist to propel the ball towards the wickets, care should be taken to time it right or else you would end up throwing the ball off-target. Hence it is suggested that you master the underarm throw with the ‘pendulum technique’ and then proceed to the more advanced ‘flick-of-the-wrist technique’.

Head Down and Follow Through:

Following through in the direction of the target will make sure that the body-weight moves in the direction of the target. This will ensure that the ball when released will be on target. If you lift your head before releasing the ball, it will balloon high over the target. Care should also be taken that due to excitement the throw from a short distance is not too fast. Remember that practice makes perfect. Work on you skills and you will not go wrong on any count.

How it’s done ?


When the ball is played or placed or pushed within 10-12 yards from either stumps, you got to use the under arm throw and get the ball into the hands of the wicket-keeper or the fielder at the bowling end as fast as possible.

Aggressive Fielding:

You have to attack the ball and maintaining a low body position by bending your knees rather than bending from the back.

Right and Right:

If you are right handed put your right foot forward and inside the line of the ball. Use both hands to pick up the ball on an uneven surface and when you are still picking up the skill. You can use one hand on even surface and / or when you had practiced enough and feel confident.

First Job First:

Keep your eye on the ball as you run in. Your fingers point downward with the palm open and thumb pointing outward. The palm is in front of the right foot and the head.

Soft hands:

The ball is sucked into the palm of the hand by keeping hands soft. If your hand is taut, the ball will bounce out.

Pendulum Swing of the Arm:

For beginners – the right arm moves quickly backward like a pendulum and the ball is released quickly aiming at the target as the pendulum moves forward. Later on, with increase in strength and confidence you can use the flick of the wrist to throw underarm.

Follow Through:

Keep your head down and follow through in the direction of the target.